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In the Voice of Spirit

I Raise this Voice to Spirit CD

I Raise my Voice to Spirit, a CD, shares my unique form of Sacred Sound. Songs of Love, Songs of Joy, Songs of Blessings, Songs to Spirit.



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You Can Heal with Sound,
Sacred Vibrational Energies:

An Ancient Art is expanding our opportunities in this modern world.

When we give Voice to Spirit in song, in joy, in gratitude, or in prayer We step into a sacred place of co-creation with the Divine, the Oneness, All-That-Is, God. We have come to the possibility of creating through intention and sound that which we desire. True manifestion, magic, can not be created in doubt, but with surity of purpose and strength of faith. Open your heart to the wonder of this Divine Co-creation and you can heal with sound,Sacred Vibrational Energies.

Support for you and/or your loved one as you face the stress of surgery.

Learn more about the healing benefits of song and music as an assisting therapy to surgery.

I. KiP Walker, am a sound healing facilitation intuitive, using my voice and intention to balance and harmonize subtle energies to bring peace and healing.

Kip WalkerI have been a Ceremonialist and creator of Ritual since the mid 1970s and was ordained as a Minister of Ancient Ways and Merging Paths in the late 1990s.

In the midst of a personal ceremony in 2000, I was guided to open my voice to Spirit and allow its free use. The Song that came forth was amazing, because my singing voice had been little used for many years.

Immediately I was aware of the impact of the Song, of its power, of the way it shifted my awareness, of the energy that I felt vibrating in my surroundings. I felt both a higher and more intense connection with the Divine and a deeper knowing within myself. Rising from my place of prayer, I moved, swaying with the rhythms, and sang for what seemed like hours. My joy, exhilaration and gratitude were beyond words.

Before that day, I had felt that I had “lost” my voice. You see, I could no longer follow songs and music that I had enjoyed as a teenager. I was so often out of tune that I had just stopped trying. And even now, I find it extremely difficult to sing a “real” song, following a known tune.

Singing Spirit slowly became a part of my daily life. And with time, I discovered that others had reactions to my Songs that were similar to my first encounter. People expressed their awareness of the power of my Songs. Experience has shown that my Songs can indeed “shift energy” and change the atmosphere and feeling of a place as well as individuals.

As a Sound Healing Facilitator, I have used Song for blessing, clearing and healing and to assist in any way for an outcome that will benefit all.


Cymaglyph of Sacred SongThis Mandala is a CymaGlyph of my voice in Sacred Song, created by a CymaScope.

The CymaScope website explains the image as follows:
“Harmonic structures imbedded in sounds and manifested on the CymaScope’s membrane create CymaGlyphs®. These patterns take form in particulate matter or water, which gathers in areas where there is no vibration. Each CymaGlyph is effectively a ‘negative’ of the vibratory response of the membrane to a given sound.”