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In the Voice of Spirit

I Raise this Voice to Spirit CD

I Raise my Voice to Spirit is my first CD, demonstrating my unique form of Sacred Sound.



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KiP Walker, Sound Healing Facilitator

About Me and My Comittment to You

KiP and Sacred Bowl

I, KiP Walker, have been a student and practitioner of Earth Traditions for over 25 years, building altars and celebrating sacred spaces both in the U.S. and abroad. Rituals that I have created have ranged from a spontaneous solitary response to breathtaking sacred landscapes all the way to carefully planned group observances of sacred holidays, unions and passings. For many years, I have been a leader of ceremonies and drumming and journeying circles and a celebrant of high and low holidays. I have conducted weddings and unions, home and business blessings and clearings, rites of passage, and celebrations of life.

I was given a broad spiritual experience at an early age. While I was raised a Protestant, a summer of travel in Mexico when I was 6 years old introduced me to the mystic and mystery of the quaint churches and marvelous cathedrals as well as an amazingly different culture. My childhood also included an early introduction to Roman mythology as well as frequent attendance at the Pueblo Dances of Northern New Mexico Native Americans.

I became disenchanted with my religious path as a young adult and struggled with a spiritual void until I discovered the literature on Women’s Spirituality coming to the forefront in the early 1970’s. I was particularly drawn to the “Old Ways” and explored several paths before following one for a number of years. Mine is now an eclectic path. I am an ordained minister of Ancient Ways and Merging Paths bringing together my Celtic roots, my childhood upbringing, and the aspects of shamanic and indigenous spiritualities that is has been my privilege to be gifted.

I walk my earth path as a pilgrim, figuratively and often literally, in search of truth, peace and love. Being traveler and nomad, since childhood I’ve never lived in one place for more than a few years. Sometimes, I have, by choice, had no place that others might consider home; yet, I have called many places home. Even so, I have never been homeless. I have come to know, at last, that I am one who is truly at home in the Universe.

Sacred BowlI carry the sacred Spirit Bowl, a vessel honoring the nurturing and abundance of the feminine principle, Mother Nature, the Great Mother, Gaia, the Marys. As a mobile altar, it brings ceremony to the celebration at hand. This Spirit Bowl in particular receives and holds prayers for the highest good of all.

Spirit gave me two distinct and parallel upbringings, from a Victorian-style extended family life in the rural South to a diverse, multicultural lifestyle with a single parent in Northern New Mexico. I am a registered Medical Technologist, with a degree in nutrition research, as well as several degrees in art, including a Master of Fine Arts. Is it any wonder that I often walk between worlds and can see any given situation from a number of vantage points.

An ordained minister, I am a Master of the 4th Order of the Masa Confusa, a mastery acquired with a methodical, often solitary, quest for personal truth received through the gift of Universal Oneness. I offer my gratitude to the many friends, acquaintances and even the challenges that have been my teachers along the way. It is a journey without end, but with glorious views and soul enriching respites along the way.