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In the Voice of Spirit

I Raise this Voice to Spirit CD

I Raise my Voice to Spirit, a CD, shares my unique form of Sacred Sound. Songs of Love, Songs of Joy, Songs of Blessings, Songs to Spirit.



For more information on upcoming events, visit my blog Voice to Spirit.

Western medicine is learning to use sound and specifically music
to facilitate the
surgical process and recovery

Specially created music programs for pre and post operative listening are being used in many hospitals and medical centers. These programs assist patients by calming and reducing stress levels as well as often reducing the level of medications required and supporting faster recovery.

In addition to assisting with selections of recorded music, KiP offers her skills as a Sound Healing Facilitation Intuitive to further refine and atune the vibrational harmonics to your personal energetic structure.

What is a Sound Healing Facilitation Intuitive?



Long distance facilitation can be accommadated. Email KiP for more information.

Barbara's experience of KiPs support for major surgery.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kip several weeks ago, shortly before major surgery on my back. I found Kip to have many qualities that I am attracted to in a person. She is thoughtful, fun, a great listener, and her kind spirit just surrounded my daughter Ann and me.

Kip came to our home the eve of surgery. I had never done any spiritual work before surgery in the past so this was all new to me. I was open to Kips’ suggestions which calmed my nervousness, then Kip sang a song of healing and successful surgery. It was beautiful and gave me a peaceful night and the thought of a comfortable day ahead.

Kip suggested that I prepare a before and after selection of music on my i-pod to be used as I go into surgery and after I come out in the recovery room. I loved that idea and followed through. The hospital staff thought it was a great idea and worked with us. It helped……did it ever, especially before. I can’t remember much about after.

The day of surgery, Kip came to the hospital to be with my daughter Ann and me. It turned out that I had to wait a few hours longer than expected to go to surgery and when I got anxious and tense Kip came into the room and talked with me and then holding my hand, sang again, allowing me to relax and look forward to a successful day.

Kip was there when I came to my room and I know that she was a gentle friend to Ann while I was in surgery.

It is four weeks post surgery. I am healing very well, feel comfortable and am gaining strength. I asked Kip to join me in finding closure to this whole chapter in my life…..the pain before surgery, and the healing afterward. We sat outside, and Kip called on my spiritual guides and higher power and her spiritual guides and together we cleared the slate so to speak and rejoice in my good health and finding my creativity again. I do feel refreshed…..the only word I can think of that fits my feelings.

If you are willing to open your mind and spirit to the universe, please consider having Kip walk with you through your surgery or illness. You may find like I did:

Kip………teacher, friend, spiritual guide, a gift from the universe. Thank you.

Barbara H, artist

A family member's experience of KiP's work:

KiP Walker and I met through design classes at Santa Fe Community College and I got to know her as an artist and designer first. Later I found out that she does energy work and works with sound and music. When my mom decided to have back surgery, KiP offered to work with her in a couple of ways to prepare for the surgery and for the healing process. My mom was interested and I was as well.

KiP’s work centered mostly on helping my mom to be in the best place possible for surgery and for recovery. Besides helping her to create playlists for pre- and post-op, KiP also wanted to do some energy work with my mom the night before surgery. She came over and after we chatted for awhile, we made our way outside to our portal. The evening sun was setting and the feeling was very quiet and peaceful. KiP started working with my mom – she chanted and sang in a lovely voice and I felt a calmness surround us. One of our dogs even settled down for part of the experience. As she sang, I closed my eyes and saw a warm, yellow light move in and circle me. I wasn’t the main focus of her energy, but it touched me anyway. The quiet evening enveloped me and the calmness really took hold. As she continued to work with my mom, I deepened my breathing and let my worries and fears leave, replacing those feelings with the knowledge that whatever was going to happen I could handle and that the universe and all that was good and healthy would be centered around my mom while she went through her journey.

I was blessed to have KiP’s company the day of the surgery and so was my mom. I had done the waiting room thing before, once as my dad passed away from a massive embolism and twice as my mom had undergone previous surgeries. This time I never really succumbed to my fears. They were there and they made an appearance every now and then, but because I was in such a wonderful, quiet and hopeful place I was able to walk through the fears and not let them pull me under.

KiP’s help and presence is so wonderful. Her demeanor is soothing and strong and she focuses the energies around you to help you be strong. She is such a beautiful reminder of the fact that there is more to our existence than just what we go through day to day. That there is a power we can tap into that will support us and help us to fear less.

AJ Hackett, graphic designer, film production